The Chamber of Commerce has a mission to attract and help grow businesses in our community. The Chamber works with other organizations to help advance the progress we see every day with business, diversity and culture.  With the various networking and educational opportunities that are put together by the Chamber, businesses have the opportunity to maximize their exposure and contribute to making our community a better place.  The Chamber doesn’t just benefit business.  They have several benefits for the residents of our communities as well as seen with street festivals, music venues and other activities that bring the young and the old together in fellowship.  We are honored to be a platinum member of the Chamber and are honored to do so in the years to come.

 Kelli Dehoff, Administrative Manager/Plant Controller, Sonoco

I am Ronnie Lee Ball a retired business man for 38 years.The Chamber has always been there for support. When I decided to start another company the first thing that I did was to contact the Chamber of Commerce, and talk with the Director Lynn Ramsey. She was more than willing to help. Mrs. Ramsey put me in contact with people that I needed to get started in the right direction. including local Collages. At one of the Chamber meeting I met a company rep that put me contact with the people that did my Video Graphics. The Video will be used for a TV commercial and my web Site. I cannot thank Lynn and her team enough for what they have done to get me started in my new Company.

I am the president of Habitat for Humanity. I was a Director for 4 years before becoming president. The  first thing that I did was to contact the Chamber of Commerce, and Lynn and her team went to work , and put me in contact with people that I still work with today. The most recent help was helping me with a TN housing grant. They never give you enough time to file the grant, and I was running out of time. I only had a hours left. I called Lynn. I need help: Lynn and her team went to work and got the grant application to Nashville on time. I cannot say enough about the importance of Lynn and her team, and the Chamber of Commerce. I encourage all business to become a member of this dedicated Chamber. Let the Chamber work for you, and your company. It works!! Hope to see you at the next meeting.

– Ronnie Lee Ball, President,Habitat for Humanity

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